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‘Les Gorges de la Bourne’ has been awarded 3 stars in the Michelin Guide and is a magnificent and vertiginous route. It is the longest of theses roads which are so characteristic of Le Vercors region. Cut into the cliff, the road was open to traffic in 1872 after 11 years of work.


This 24 km road, linking Pont-en-Royans to Villard de Lans and cut into the cliff, was open to traffic in 1872 after 11 years of immense labour.
After leaving Pont-en-Royans, you enter the La Borne gorges which are one of the great attractions of the Vercors Regional Nature Park. After the village of Choranche, the road continues on a pleasant route enhanced with breathtakingly beautiful views, particularly at the ‘Cirque de Bournillon’. At La Goule Noire bridge, 3 kilometres upstream from Balme de Rencurel, you can see the powerful re-emergence of the water, illustrating the erosion caused by underground water in Le Vercors. A stunning example of this can be seen at the Choranche Cave.

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